Animal Communications

Giving a voice to our animal friends

This is where we read the vibrational frequencies that are held within the animal’s own electro-magnetic energy field, also known as Aura.

An energy-to-energy, or mind-to-mind, connection is made and we communicate via feelings and emotions; hearing words or seeing photos, pictures or movies. The benefits of communicating with animals include:

  • To help find and resolve any behaviour problems
  • Finding sore and uncomfortable areas within the physical body
  • Help with Emotional problems
  • Checking the correct fitting of equipment (i.e. saddles and collars)
  • Helping to assess pet/owner relationship problems

Please contact me If you have any questions or would like further information.

“Sarah has communicated with many of the animal friends we have here including a Guinea Pig, several cats and a donkey. Her information has always been helpful and accurate.”

Hayley from Doncaster

“I contacted Sarah to help me adopt a 8yo rescue dog called Brooke. Sarah was able to clarify that her limp was an old injury and got her character spot on. Sarah was able to reassure Brooke that she was now in her forever home and explained why she had been rehomed. Brooke has settled in really well and I believe that the reiki and communication helped her to relax and start enjoying life.”

Carol H from Southampton

Sarah Robinson