Reiki Balance Testimonials


I highly recommend Sarah for a Reiki treatment. It was the first one of many to come as I found it very relaxing and calmed my stress levels down.

Caroline B from East Grinstead


I have had several Reiki treatments with Sarah and I must say that I found it so relaxing that I literally went into shut-down mode but, wow, I felt so good for it. I also found it very spiritual. Cannot wait to go back.

Christine P from Storrington


I was as first skeptical about trying Reiki but I am pleased I did. Before the treatment, I was totally stressed. I don’t know how Sarah does it but, just after one session, I felt the stress had been lifted. It was a lovely experience, in lovely surroundings and very relaxing. I would thoroughly recommend trying it.

Lubna from Ticehurst


A wonderful relaxing experience. Thank you so much Sarah.

Chris M from West Chiltington

Animal Reiki & Communication Testimonials


Sarah is a wonderful shining light, her calm, positive and sensitive way with my cat during an animal reiki treatment and communication connection made Jazmin feel totally at ease and she has noticeably been more interactive with family members since. Highly recommend.

Caroline C from Felbridge

Sarah has communicated with many of the animal friends we have here including a Guinea Pig, several cats and a donkey. Her information has always been helpful and accurate.

Hayley from Doncaster


Sarah kindly communicated with my Woody, who had passed over, as I had so many unanswered questions. The most important message that came through was the love he had for me and the family and that I did the best I could for him which helped me let go and move on. I also asked Sarah to communicate with Tilly who, at the time, was very unwell and it transpired that she was confused as to where Woody was. Sarah was able to reassure her and then communicate Tilly’s feelings and wishes to me regarding her illness. Tilly was then able to let me know when it was her time for transition. Eight months later I contacted Sarah to help me adopt a 8yo rescue dog called Brooke. Sarah was able to clarify that her limp was an old injury and got her character spot on. Sarah was able to reassure Brooke that she was now in her forever home and explained why she had been rehomed. Brooke has settled in really well and I believe that the reiki and communication helped her to relax and start enjoying life.

Carol H from Southampton

Meditation Class Testimonials


I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone.  It’s nice to have an introduction to different sorts of meditation so you can be exposed to all and learn which ones work best for you.  Sarah’s approach is very gentle and at just the right level.  I really appreciate the guidance she has given me.

Louise from Ifold


The course has helped me with dealing with Stress.  It has been a wonderful much needed hour to myself each Saturday.  I would highly recommend it.

Gemma from Rudgwick